Image Requirements

Authors may supply images for inclusion in their book’s interior or cover design. Please consider the following when providing images.

Resolution #

Ideally, images should have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

Images with lower resolutions may appear grainy when printed and may trigger warnings from IngramSpark and/or Amazon KDP. Images less than 72 pixels per inch may be rejected.

Check Image Resolution on a PC #

  1. Right click on the image file and select Properties.
  2. In the Details tab, you can see the image’s dimensions and resolution.

Check Image Resolution on a Mac #

  1. Double click on the image file to open the image in Preview.
  2. Under Tools in the toolbar, select Show Inspector.
  3. A dialogue box will open that displays the image’s information, including the resolution (as Image DPI).

Rights #

Please ensure that you own or license each image you provide. That means you either:

  • Took the photo yourself;
  • Obtained written permission from the photographer;
  • Paid to license the photo; or
  • Are certain that the photo is in the public domain. (Images taken from the internet are not usually in the public domain.)

Learn about licensing for images we provide.

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