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Ts Alan / Timothy A Shirk


Crime/Suspense/Thriller/Historical Fiction

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The Cartel Lozano : The Rise of the Little Obe


Elena Lozano had the world in the palm of her hands. Being the youngest daughter of the most powerful Cartel boss, Juan Esteban, she had the life of luxury and wealth. With no worries to speak of, Elena Lozano could do what she wanted when she wanted. Growing up, Elena learned from her father the ways of running an efficient cartel Organization as she was always with him. But Elena never thought that she would ever run a Cartel, let alone her father's, until her world came crashing down upon her. Elena Lozano not only lost her parents at the young age of thirteen but she ended up in an assassination attempt that drive her to the point of insanity, making her shoot and kill her closest brother in her life at the age of sixteen. But the final straw that caused Elena to make the hardest life-changing decision in her young life was when her brother Matias was killed by rivals. What will the young sixteen-year-old Elena choose? Will Elena assume control of her family’s business? Or will she choose to walk away from it all? Her father's legacy? Her family’s livelihood? Will the young Elena Lozano make the right choice? Will she pick up the mantel and run her family’s business? Or will she turn her back and leave it all?

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