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KL Watkins

KL Watkins

Writing for me is extremely personal. That’s a piece of my heart and soul locked in those pages. It’s scary to hand it over to someone you’ve never actually met, knowing they’re going to work with it. It requires a lot of trust, and Victoria is worth every drop. I worked with Victoria almost exclusively via email and was first impressed to find her very quick to reply to all my questions and concerns. She went above and beyond making sure I understood the different levels of editing she provides, and finding the one that worked best for me. Her timeline is clear, her cost is very fair, and payment options are extremely reasonable. She even took the time to let me know when each of my payments had arrived. As for her work, I couldn’t have been more impressed. I found Victoria an intelligent and intuitive editor. Never once was she pushy. Her suggestions did not change my work, but instead gave it highlights, helped it flow. It is truly refreshing to have a clean document I am proud to publish. It’s not easy for me to hand my work over for someone else, let alone allow them to work it. Given Victoria’s care, fairness, kind professionalism, attention to detail, as well as her patience and wherewithal that she is handling something precious, I will continue to use Victoria for all my editing needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the same.

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