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IngramSpark Promo Code 2023: Free Title Setup

Update: As of July 2023, IngramSpark offers free title setup. See IngramSpark’s article on the subject.

Unlike Amazon KDP, IngramSpark charges a setup fee. To publish a print book through IngramSpark, authors pay $49. However, sometimes authors can access an IngramSpark promo code for free title setup.

Self-publishing a book can be expensive. By the time you reach the uploading stage, you have already invested in editing, book design, and ISBNs. Who wouldn’t want to save a little money on the setup fee?

Use the IngramSpark promo code below for free title setup in February 2023.

IngramSpark Promo Code 2023

To receive free title setup, use this IngramSpark promo code:


IngramSpark Promo Code FAQ

How long is this IngramSpark promo code good?

The above IngramSpark promo code is live during February 2023.

Does this IngramSpark promo code cover revisions?

This code will get you free title setup for print and ebook versions. However, it does not apply to revisions. If you need to upload a new version of your cover or interior, you will need to pay the revision fee.

The IngramSpark promo code isn’t working.

Be sure to type the code in all caps. Sometimes you need to wait a minute or two for the code to process. Make sure the code has not expired.

Will there be other IngramSpark promo codes?

Probably! IngramSpark releases promo codes periodically. Keep an eye on the IngramSpark Twitter page.

IngramSpark vs. KDP

phone with kindle app considering ingramspark vs kdp

One of the important decisions indie authors make is whether to publish through IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, or both. Check out our popular breakdown of IngramSpark vs. KDP to help you make the best decision for your book and career.

Although there are many factors to consider when comparing IngramSpark vs. KDP, one of the most important is your distribution plan. If you want to get your book into bookstores or libraries, we highly recommend publishing through IngramSpark.

Amazon KDP is great for online sales. To reach the widest audience with your ebook, you might consider using Draft2Digital, which is an aggregator.

What Is IngramSpark?

IngramSpark and Amazon KDP are print-on-demand (POD) self-publishing platforms. That means books are printed as they are ordered.

IngramSpark is not a publisher. As an independent author, you are the publisher. IngramSpark simply provides the printing and distribution services you need to publish your own book.

Additionally, IngramSpark does not provide editing or book design services. You should have a complete, print-ready book prior to beginning the uploading process.

How to Format Files for IngramSpark

person using KDP cover template

We highly recommend hiring professional book designers for this process. Professionals use specialized software and understand the minute details required to create interior and cover files that meet IngramSpark’s requirements and impress readers.

When uploading to IngramSpark, you will need your print-ready interior and your print-ready cover as PDF files.

If you choose to upload your ebook to IngramSpark, you will also need a JPG ebook cover and an EPUB ebook file.

Here is what an IngramSpark cover file looks like:

ingramspark promo code 2023 cover example

You can learn more about IngramSpark cover templates and KDP cover templates here.

Using the IngramSpark Promo Code

After completing the uploading process, simply enter the IngramSpark promo code before the payment stage. You will see a button labeled “Promo Code.”

If the IngramSpark promo code is applied successfully, the fee will change to $0.00. You should not be prompted to enter card information.

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