Team Member Profile

Complete your team member profile to ensure you receive assignments that align with your preferences.

1 Click "Profile"

2 Click "Edit"

3 Click "Team Member Profile." Available fields vary by team member type.

4 Select all genres you would like to work with.

5 Select all age categories you would like to work with.

6 Select all elements you prefer NOT to work with. Or select N/A.

7 Choose whether you would like to accept work by non-native English speakers. These projects will be billed at a higher rate.

8 Click "save changes."

9 You can control the visibility of some fields. To update the visibility, click "Change"

10. Click "Only Me" to make the field visible to only you. Click "All Members" to make the field visible only to users who are logged in.

11. Click "Close"

12. Click "Save Changes"

13. Click "View Profile" to see the changes.

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