Publishing Checklist

This is a high-level overview of the publishing process. For more in-depth information, review the other articles in our Knowledge Base or book a one-on-one consultation.

Write and Edit #

  1. Complete your manuscript.
  2. Fully self-edit, including revisions and prose-level editing.
  3. Send your manuscript to beta readers, and consider revising based on their feedback.
  4. Consider professional developmental editing or a manuscript critique.

Choose a Publishing Route #

Review the types of publishing. Decide whether to query literary agents, submit to small presses, or publish independently.

Query Literary Agents or Submit to Small Presses #

  1. Consider professional line editing.
  2. Write a query.
  3. Write a synopsis.
  4. Research literary agents and/or publishers.
  5. Send queries (or full manuscripts, if requested).
  6. Wait for responses and repeat.
  7. Prepare questions to discuss with interested parties.

Self-Publish #

See this post for an in-depth walkthrough.

  1. Seriously consider professional line editing and proofreading.
  2. Purchase ISBNs from Bowker.
  3. Write your back cover blurb.
  4. Professional cover design.
  5. Professional interior layout.
  6. Choose and upload to self-publishing platforms.
  7. Market your book.
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