Where to Find Literary Agents

AgentQuery.com #

This is a great place to start. You can search agents by genre and can filter results to include only agents who are actively seeking clients.

QueryTracker.net #

This resource also has decent search options, though you need to log in (free) to use the search tool. It also offers statistics about each agent, including response times. Some stats are free and some require a paid membership. The user-submitted information can also be very useful, so check each prospective agent’s profile to see how they’ve responded to other writers.

Publishers Marketplace #

This directory is great for finding more detailed information about specific agents. Agent profiles often include their bio, wish list, and social media handles, along with a list of books they have sold.

Writer’s Digest New Agent Alert #

Writer’s Digest lists newly established agents and agencies. These are great opportunities, since new agents are typically accepting higher numbers of clients than more established agents.

ManuscriptWishlist.com #

On this website, agents create profiles that feature specific types of manuscripts they would like to see. Although you can use search for specific agents, genres, and keywords, the search feature is not the most effective, since you can’t filter results. So this website is best for researching agents you’ve already identified.

MSWishlist.com #

This website compiles #MSWL tweets. Agents use the hashtag to tweet about specific types of manuscripts they would like to see in their inbox. These tweets can be great opportunities, since few manuscripts fit these very specific requests. The search tool allows you to refine results by genre and keywords, so this is a good place to locate agents.

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